Silk-screen printing on glass is a direct printing technology and occurs through a process of passing the color through a screen printing frame.

It can be done using ceramic or organic colors: the former, in order to adhere permanently to the glass, pass through the annealing oven at high temperatures (around 650°C) while the latter at lower temperatures (200°C) due to their different composition.

Thanks to these technologies, we are able to process all types of formats: perfume bottles, bottles, glasses, goblets, cosmetic containers, etc.

There are several advantages to this process:

  • Screen printing on glass makes the brand more recognizable;
  • The screen-printed glass product is “permanent”: it remains in the consumers’ homes because it is perceived as a decorative object; in this way, the visibility of the brand is prolonged over time;
  • Silk-screen printing on glass has an excellent mechanical resistance: in fact, the decoration is not scratched or ruined. This feature makes it preferable to the label in many situations;
  • Screen printing on glass is aimed at the “Green Economy” because, unlike plastic sleeves and adhesive labels, it makes it easier to recycle glass;
  • Thanks to the serigraphy we can serigraph in detail on glass logos, drawings and writings: this allows our Partners wide freedom of customization of their Product.