In partnership whit Serigrafia Defilippi Srl we create  processes on glass and ceramic, which incude silk-screen printing, tampography (o pad-printing), laser engraving, sand blasting, glazing and coating

With the aid of innovative technologies and constant research and attention to materials, we are able to create precise  graphics and details, with high quality results. The internal factory (o workshop) allows us to adapt the production lines to the single processing,  and ensures flexible, accurate and  fast production.

The internal technical center will support you in every step of the realization of your project.

Special attention (o care) is given (o is paid) to sustainability: natural and organic raw materials are used at every stage of the production cycle, which is completely eco-sustainable.


The silk-screen printing and  tampography are the two main techniques for reproducing writings, logos and images,  monochrome or in multicolors, on any type of glass objects. Thanks to advanced technologies we can satisfy the needs of all customers, being able to work both small and large batches (from a few hundred to millions of pieces). The silk-screen printing can be carried out both hot, for vitrification, and cold, through decal (oppure decalcomania): this allows the processing of full containers.


Laser engraving allows us to reproduce marks and writings, that will make your your product unique and customized. This type of processing has several advantages, not requiring the deposit of color on the object: appreciated factor especially on wine glasses, where the presence of colored pigments on theglass could go to to condition the chromatic characteristics of wine. the engraving guarantees the permanence of the decoration, without this being damaged by the use of the object on which it is affixed (o applied).
Thanks to the many nuances that come to life from the engraving of crystalline particles, this process gives the treated object an aesthetic aspect of excellent refinement and warmth


Sand blasting is the most artisanal technique, that gives the treated objects a particularly appreciated appearance. Beside the realization of writings and logos on glass and crystal, thanks to the use of grit sands always different, depending on the characteristics of the object and the visual result that you want to obtain, we can perform total or partial sand blasting.
These processes can be combined with decorations in painting or silk-screen printing and tampography, thus obtaining always amazing results for style and elegance


With high-tech equipment, we can paint all kinds of glass elements. The different methods with which we apply the color allow us to obtain an uniform and flawless coat: the objects pass directly from the painting area to the firing tunnel, avoiding defects on the finished product and ensuring the optimal fixing of the color.
An innovation that we have introduced in the field of painting is the etching effect, with which we can treat bottles and glasses.  thanks to the use of a special paint designed specifically to obtain the same appearance as acidification.