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For Natura Gin, we created a 5-colour digital silkscreen print on a Belleville 700 bottle: the perfect wrapper for this London Dry Gin that stands out for its strong taste and intense perfume given by Robinia and Hypericum flowers; made from the infusion of 9 botanicals through classic English-style distillation, without the addition of artificial flavours or colours.

A Gin as environmentally friendly as its bottle, a recyclable container with no plastic labels. The symbol chosen by the guys at Natura Gin to best represent their product is significant: a small bee, which has always been linked to eco-sustainable choices and respect for the planet and its ecosystem.

A philosophy in line with Vidrostyle that has espoused since its foundation. In fact, we pay particular attention to the theme of sustainability: we choose every day to use raw materials of organic and natural origin for our processes.

Over the years, digital printing on glass has become more and more perfected, allowing us to offer a greater variety of customisations and the possibility of developing projects even on small print runs.

Each glass container becomes unique and can be adapted to the customer’s needs, from the choice of shape to the type of print, always with respect for the environment.

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